Tiffyl Trooper Sec A  Crynmerlyn Bouncer Sec C  

and Crynmerlyn Bouncer Sec C 

Trooper has been with us now since he was a foal and has always been a pleasure to own Hopefully we will get him out this year as Alex our Granddaughter is that bit older and getting very helpful We will let you know how he gets on .His Temperament is second to none  and you can see how he is so good with Children as that is what they are so renowned for My Granddaughter grooms him and goes in his stable and they get on fine.  Now we have Crynmerlyn Bouncer Sec C who we are very proud of He is home Bred and a pleasure to own He is now 2 and Licensed He has already done very well and so far has been placed in the top 6 and now hw has won 3 Championship and 1 Supreme so he is doing very well so far Will keep you posted  

will post some more when we get them  The dam is Littlewern Brenda Sec A as you can see the foal is going to be a lot bigger than her Dam As yet the owners haven't named her so will keep you informed.



 Sec C 

Sire  D'aBERNON Replica  

Dam Belchford Briar

    Now proud dad at 3                                                                                                  

 Bo hasn't been out this year due to Gail having a baby of her own but now she is getting fitter she will be taking him out later on in the season so will keep you informed as to how he does He is still a very laid back colt and a real pleasure to own he has a nature which is impeccable.  




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